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Caraiosa News

  • As the nights draw in and the rain and gales strip the trees and hedges, the abundance of Autumn is all around. The Apple tree is laden with fruit, the hedgerows are full of berries and the Blackthorn bushes are bending under the weight of their bumper crop of Sloe berries. Jams, jellies, sauces and chutney are all available on site, made from the fruits of the fields.
  • There are a number of new retreat days and workshops planned for Autumn/Winter--well worth checking out our Courses and workshops page. Now in mid-August the first hints of Autumn can be seen; leaves are beginning to turn, the nights are darker, the days getting shorter and a cool nip in the air after sun set.
  • The Summer season has been a mixture of rain and sun where the emphasis is on being in the moment--don't plan a walk or time in the sun 'later' because the rain will surely come. The gardens have benefited from the ideal combination of heat and moisture and are flourishing. Guests have come and gone and spent quiet days and nights reviving their spirit and re-connecting with self.
  • We had Ger Murphy come to the centre to facilitate a weekend workshop 'Wellbeing in a Mindful Body'., in April. It was a wonderful opportunity to tune into the body and explore our own rhythm through music, movement, art and silence. The weather was sunny and warm and the flowers put on their best display for the guests. Ger will return to the centre in Spring 2012 to facilitate another workshop.Places are inclined to fill up rapidly, so if you are interested don't leave it too late to register your interest.
  • . At the end of January, as the last of the snow and frost was melting, we were delighted to welcome Orla of It was wonderful to meet someone so enthusiastic about the wealth of history and heritage here in Ireland--the history of the ordinary people and their lives, living history evident in the walls and hearths of cottages throughout the land.We were happy to share our story of following our dream and relocating to the country. Visit to read of Orla's impressions of the Midlands and Caraiosa Centre.
  • The creation of St. Brigids Bed opened a new area of reflection for guests where they can reflect on the changing seasons of the year and the changing seasons of life. It provided the perfect backdrop to our Brigid weekend at the end of January and St Brigids Day on 1st February. Spring has definitely arrived. The brave little Snowdrops are peeping up and the first signs of Daffodil, Crocus and Tulip can be seen.On New Years Eve, we invited friends and neighbours to our annual Threshold Ceremony, where we said goodbye to 2010 and welcomed in 2011, ritualistically with fire and lit the New year candle as a sign of light and hope for the future.
  • Our two day card making and crafting course last year, proved very popular, however there were some disappointed guests who couldn't join us as the course was held mid-week.
  • Our next Card -Making Course will be a weekend event. Contact us to put your name on the mailing/waiting list. Don't be disappointed this time!

Here are some of the cards that our guests made during the 2 days with Brenda of Chambers Card Craft.....