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What is Chaplaincy?

Catholic chaplaincy is rooted in a desire to continue the healing ministry of Christ as it finds expression in the faith and tradition of the Church.

In an increasingly secularized Ireland, chaplains facilitate an experience of Christ’s healing and redeeming outreach, offering care and comfort through presence, word and sacrament.

Chaplaincy focuses on providing spiritual care and emotional support in times of change in people's lives. This includes times of grief and bereavement, diagnosis of life changing illness, and especially attending to the pastoral needs of the dying. Chaplains work in collaboration with professional colleagues within healthcare facilities in the provision of holistic healthcare. 

Why is Chaplaincy important?

Religious faith and practice have an emotional and physical impact on a person's well-being. Professional chaplains play an integral role in supporting and strengthening these religious and spiritual resources.

Healthcare chaplains play an especially important role in identifying patients in spiritual distress, and helping them resolve their religious or spiritual problems, thus improving their health.

People may turn to spiritual resources during illness and other painful experiences, if they find them helpful. Professional chaplains encourage this process.

One of the most important chaplaincy functions is helping family members cope with feelings associated with the illness and hospitalization of their loved one.

Professional chaplains play an important role in helping staff members cope with personal problems. Their support can provide a forum for exploring personal and work related issues, thus enhancing staff morale.

Who am I?

Caoimhe Doherty is our resident chaplain at the Caraiosa Centre. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and English from St. Patrick’s College Maynooth in 2011 followed by her Master’s Degree in Theology (specializing in Pastoral Theology) in 2014.

Following her studies in Maynooth, Caoimhe engaged in two units of Clinical Pastoral Education in St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. John of God Hospital before being accredited with the Irish Healthcare Chaplaincy Board.

Caoimhe has recently returned to Ireland after working in the UK as a School Chaplain, where she was involved in the faith formation of young children and teenagers.

In addition to chaplaincy, Caoimhe has worked for many years in the healthcare sector as a Healthcare Assistant in a privately run nursing home and a number of Dublin hospitals.

Caoimhe will be happy to meet with you during your stay at Caraiosa at your convenience.