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Psychotherapy is available by phone or face to face with suitable P.P.E. for the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

'The world can seem very dark at times'

Could you benefit from

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Many people feel worried or depressed at some time in their lives and it helps to have someone to talk to. Our first support is usually family or friends.

Perhaps you may not want to talk to them because they have problems of their own and you do not want to over-burden them.

You may not wish to share intimate details with family or friends, or may need someone un-biased who won't take sides.

This is when people often seek the services of a Counsellor/Psychotherapist.


Counselling is for anyone who needs help at any time.

Within the caring relationship, counsellor and client work to find creative responses to the client's present difficulties and needs.

It offers a confidential opportunity for people to explore thoughts and feelings about issues in their lives that trouble them.

The client is helped to improve communication skills, express feelings, consider new strategies and move through times of transition such as bereavement, relationship difficulties, separation, addiction, unemployment, illness, depression, anger or anxiety.


The psychotherapy relationship is similar to counselling but also allows people to explore their past, including their childhood relationships, in order to gain insight into unproductive patterns of behaviour which may prevent them from leading satisfying lives.

Issues such as depression, anxiety, abuse, phobias are some of the issues that can be explored in this context.

What to expect

In an environment of acceptance, trust and respect, you will be carefully listened to and facilitated in finding your own answers.

You will be supported in exploring and expressing feelings and experiences that may be difficult or uncomfortable.

Counselling/Psychotherapy can help you to understand why you do the things you do and the reasons for negative feelings.

In recognising your patterns of behaviour, with the help of your therapist, you can begin to live your life in a fuller and more authentic way.

In time you may find the presenting issue dissolving or becoming less disturbing.

We heal by telling our story. Often it is only when we tell it to someone unconnected with our lives that we begin to really hear it ourselves.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having counselling or psychotherapy, you may book for an initial 60 minute advisory session. This consultation is without obligation and a fee of €50 will apply.

All consultations and therapy sessions are by appointment only and all information given is strictly confidential.

Counselling is available for individuals, couples or groups.

 Dochas - Hope

Our counselling room, so named because we believe that counselling is sought by those who still hold hope that change is possible and that life can be experienced as more than their present situation or difficulty.

The room is private and separate from the main building, offering safety and confidentiality.

Accredited therapists are available as part of the Caraíosa team offering a supportive non-judgemental presence.

Rates and appointments on enquiry. 

 'Slowly a little light can be seen'