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Family ConstellationWorkshop

Facilitated by

Sheila McHugh

Saturday 28th February 2015

This workshop uses Bert Hellinger's constellations to explore the hidden dynamics at work in all our relationships. Healing of the effects of our family of origin, on our relationships and our health is facilitated.This workshop is for adults who wish to gain insight into, and bring healing to, their intimate relationships. No previous experience in work of this nature is required.

A Certificate of attendance for C.P.D. will be supplied to all course participants.

Bookings are now being taken for all courses. Due to the personal nature of the work, places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

The Workshop

Hellinger Family Constellations usually take place in a workshop setting. The purpose of the constellation is to reveal the hidden dynamics which are operating in the family and to facilitate the reordering of those dynamics. The participants are people who are interested in setting up a constellation of their own family. It is not necessary to have other members of the family present for this type of work.

The workshop is facilitated by Sheila McHugh. After a short interview with the person wishing to work, the facilitator decides which family members are to be represented at the setting up of the constellation.

The client then chooses people from the group to represent the members of their family. They also choose someone to represent themselves. Sheila studies the body language and the reactions of the representatives as well as what they report in order to understand the dynamics at work in this family. She maintains a phenomenological stance, not trying to work out what to do but allowing the constellation to unfold. Sheila searches for a resolution for this particular family by making interventions and noting their effect on the representatives, on herself, on the client and on the energy in the field. She seeks continual feed back from the representatives as things change in the constellation.A constellation can take anything from ten minutes to over an hour. The aim is not so much to find a position of total resolution but to facilitate a healing movement for that family, if that is permitted by the family soul. Once one movement takes place the healing continues in the family soul over weeks or even months. Sometimes it is not possible to even facilitate even one movement and that information can be healing for the client, who may then be able to endure the reality of the present moment in the family and give up their ego desire for things to change. Paradoxically, this can bring around a shift in the energy within the family and change happens. For the client, it may take weeks or even months for the effects of the constellation to have their full effects, however there have been reports of significant healing shifts that are directly related to the work done in the constellation occurring within hours or days, not just for the client but for their family members.

Facilitator: Sheila McHugh MAISGA MNCII MIITD

Sheila works in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual direction, scripture prayer guidance, retreat facilitation and course tutoring. Sheila has studied constellation work under Bert Hellinger, Breeda Perrem, Anne Kavanagh and Hunter Beaumont. She has facilitated constellations since 2004.